(Origani) Organi Philippines - God’s Nectar Nutra Active Repair Day Cream Review


For the past few months, I have been slowly but steadily turning into an Organi Cosmetics convert. Organi Cosmetics is an Australian beauty product brand that is relatively new to the Philippines, but is already seeing its share of good reviews. Their line of premium skincare products emphasizes green, skin-friendly ingredients.

Their bestselling skin product is God’s Nectar Manuka Honey Peel, a sensational peeling gel that instantly sloughs off dead skin cells, the natural way.  That does sound like a good alternative than using other exfoliating body and facial scrubs brands which use plastic beads because they’re now considered as an environmental hazard.


The product packaging doesn’t say it, but judging from the ingredients, I believe this is formulated for dry, mature, and aging skin – exactly the kind of skin I have had the last few months as a result of frequent, unprotected exposure to sun. Sigh!
The repair day cream comes in a pretty green glass jar that I would say is a tad small for its ultra-expensive price. However, it’s been two months since I have started using it and I haven’t even gone through half the contents yet, which is a pretty good sign it will last for quite a while.
Unfortunately, the cream doesn’t come with a spatula that you can use to scoop it out, which is surprising since Organi’s honey peel product comes with one. If you’re not overly sensitive, go ahead and scoop it out with your fingers, but make sure your fingers are absolutely clean! Or, you can use a plastic spoon or a popsicle stick like I do.
The cream is rich, thick, and creamy, exactly the way I expected it to be. It does have a slightly fruity scent, which smells nice. If you’re not a fan of fruity scents, don’t worry because it isn’t overwhelming and quickly fades once applied to the face.
Just a note for people with oily skin – this cream may or may not be the right formulation for your skin type, as it is loaded with oils. Albeit, highly beneficial oils!
If you look at the ingredients list, you’ll find rosehip oil for skin repair, rice bran oil and jojoba oil for hydration, passion fruit seed oil for antioxidant relief, lemon peel oil for skin brightening, and babassu oil, which has all the benefits of coconut oil but is lighter on the skin.

The power ingredient, however, is called Amisol Trio, a trademarked ingredient that creates a protective film over the skin to keep moisture from seeping out.
After cleanser, toner, essences, and serum, I apply the day cream to my face, concentrating on the areas that tend to get dry, such as the chin and my upper cheeks. The results are instantaneous.
A minute or two after using the day cream, I could already feel my skin becoming softer and suppler. The dryness on my chin, which is the worst, was still there, but it was somehow smoother than before. It also has not caused me to break me out, even after two months of using this cream, religiously – so this is an indicator that this beauty product may be good even for oily skin, after all! It is not greasy at all, even hours after applying, but that’s because I have dry skin, on the overall. If you have oilier skin than I do, it is probably best to search for more Organi skincare product reviews for Filipino audience, for additional feedback.
If I have one complaint about this cream, it’s that it doesn’t come with sun protection. I think for something in this price range, it would be nice if this cream had some SPF in it. It’s made for day use, after all. However, to me, it’s not that much of a deal, especially since I use my own sunblock gel.
Overall, I would say the Organi day cream is a godsend, especially for women (and men!) with super-dry skin. If you have tried a ton of beauty and skincare products claiming to hydrate and moisturize the skin, only to end up with less than ideal or even disastrous results, this just might be the product you have been waiting for.
Organi Philippines kiosks are located here:

  1. Organi Philippines - SM BF


  1. Nice article! Bought one myself after seeing one from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivS8sirHYmA


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